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Erica Annise

chief creative Officer


I started producing in high school because I was lucky enough to attend a performing arts enriched school. There I learned the art and skill of directing, production, and lighting.

This lead me to direct, producing, writing and perform in my own plays in college.  I have a passion for being given a vision where I can connect visual frames into a complete story.t


I enjoy working with people who give me the room to have my hand within every aspect of their idea so that I can guarantee each frame will be worth something spectacular from hair, makeup and styling to lighting, set decoration and video framing.  I want each project to have a piece o fee embedded into the feel because they all mean something to me.  I am grateful for every project because there is a gift in me being able to create.

When I became afflicted with LVNC, left ventricular non-compaction and CRPS, complex regional pain syndrome,  it meant I would have to work harder at everything in my life.  I work harder on delivering the best product with all of the heart I have within me.

I am grateful for every client that entrusts their story, idea, platform or business to me to create into a visual frame telling package through video and still photography production.  I give a piece of my heart to every project because I believe a production worth paying for is one created with heart.

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